Office Ergonomics

Humanscale Ergonomic Adjustable Monitor Arms

With more people working off flat-panel monitors than ever before, a flexible, strong and adjustable monitor arm is an essential tool in the modern office. Humanscale’s range of robust monitor arms offers ultimate stability, sleek design and effortless functionality. They instantly create a more dynamic and comfortable workstation.

Our monitor arms not only promote a clutter-free workspace, they support a healthier, more ergonomic working posture. Users are encouraged to align the monitor at the correct height for them, which helps prevent eye and neck strain. Our monitor arms can also be easily adjusted, and when paired with M/Connect™—the first-ever integrated monitor arm base and docking station of its kind—they are even more conducive to collaborative and hot-desking environments.

All of Humanscale's monitor arms are exceptionally durable and simple to use, with innovative mechanical springs replacing the traditional failure-prone gas cylinders.

From the best-selling, high-performance M2 ® monitor arm to M/Flex—the world’s most scalable monitor system—Humanscale offers a solution for every environment and hardware support need.

Part Numbers

BHM2DB1S Monitor Arm, Humanscale M2, Black w/ Black Trim Buy Online
BHM2DS1S Monitor Arm, Humanscale M2, Silver w/ Gray Trim Buy Online
BHM2DW1S Monitor Arm, Humanscale M2, Polished Aluminum Buy Online
BHM8DB1H Monitor Mounting Arm, Humanscale, Black/Black Buy Online
BHM8DB1S Monitor Arm, Humanscale M8, Heavy Duty, Black Buy Online
BHM8DS1H Monitor Mounting Arm, Humanscale, Silver/Gray Buy Online
BHM8DS1S Monitor Arm, Humanscale M8, Heavy Duty, Silver Buy Online
BHM8DW1H Monitor Mounting Arm, Humanscale, Polished Buy Online
BHM8DW1S Monitor Arm, Humanscale M8, Heavy Duty, Polished Buy Online