HealthCheck LC500 Wellness Booth

Health Check LC500 Wellness BoothThe HealthCheck LC500 Wellness Booth is an interactive health station capable of internet connectivity. It offers a comprehensive number of biometric measurements and is significantly more robust, accurate and feature-driven than home-use blood pressure machines. The LC500 has a full range of features and settings to meet the demands of retail, corporate, healthcare and public wellness environments.


  • Internet Ready: Easy integration into any network for real-time collection and management of data, or utilize the Group-Stat® system for increased data management capabilities
  • Body Fat: Body composition measured accurately using non-invasive bioimpedance method
  • Oximeter: Provides real-time evaluation of blood oxygen levels
  • Barcode Reader: Provides convenient employee/loyalty card identification
  • Magnetic Stripe Reader: Supports magnetic stripe based identification cards
  • Peripheral Input Ports: Infrared and USB (standard & mini) for interfacing with personal health devices


  • Blood Pressure, Pulse Rate and Weight
  • Fully-Automated Upper-Arm Pressure Cuff
  • Oscillometric Methodology
  • Proven Accuracy Meets AAMI Standards
  • Electronic Scale
  • 4” Touchscreen LCD Display
  • Optionalheelchair Accessibility
  • Interactive Health Information Screens
  • Color-Coded Results Charts
  • Four Information Display Panels
  • Optional 2.25” Printer Available