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Wind turbine fire protection is a crucial safety measure.

Although wind turbines manufactured today incorporate the highest quality and safety standards, the potential for a fire always exists when electronics, flammable oils and hydraulic fluids exist in the same enclosure. Electrical fires can also result from both shorts in equipment and surges due to lightning strikes. Additionally, secondary wind driven brush fires originating from wind turbine fires can result in significant additional damage.

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With the height of many wind turbines nearing 300 feet (91 meters) and a cost of roughly $1 million per MW, the only option when a fire occurs is to wait patiently for it to burn out. This can put employees at risk, and the equipment down time, replacement, and debris management is very expensive.

The ever-increasing awareness on the renewable energy sector has made it more important than ever to be prepared and protected against known fire hazards. As of January 1 2010, NFPA 850 includes wind turbines fire protection recommendations, even identifying typical hazards specific to the wind industry. Frequency of reported fire incidents are on the rise. With the renewable sectors continued growth, it’s important to take the first steps in being proactive versus reactive to fire safety.

There’s been a lack of effective fire suppression options available to the industry – until now. Traditional fire suppression systems have been impractical due to the complexity, system weight, and environmental impacts they face, like vibration, temperature extremes, dust and airflow. The result? Ineffective detection and suppression of a fire.


Firetrace automatic fire suppression systems are ideal for the wind industry. There are specific areas in the nacelle and base of the tower that Firetrace recommends protecting, which are also identified by NFPA 850, including:

  • Control Cabinet
  • Converter Cabinet
  • Hydraulic Station
  • Transformer
  • Brake
  • Capacitor Cabinet

Firetrace protects these areas with targeted fire suppression solutions. As these areas are considered micro-environments within the larger nacelle or tower, much smaller amounts of agent are required, resulting in systems that add a few pounds, minimal space requirements, and safety for equipment and staff in the event of a fire.

Firetrace solutions are installed on some of the most popular wind turbines globally and are able to be fit on new or existing wind turbines.

Levitt-Safety will conduct a fire assessment of each application and provide the most cost-effective fire suppression solution available on the market.

Certified Wind Turbine Technicians

In addition to our assessment, design, and installation services, Levitt-Safety has a staff of Vestas certified wind turbine technicians available to inspect, maintain or service your wind turbine. Contact us today for more information.