Edge Protection Products

Edge Protection Systems and Debris Netting

Levitt-Safety’s temporary edge protection systems create innovative, customized, and highly durable perimeter protection solutions. With simple and practical products, users require minimal training to perform extremely fast installations, which reduces labor costs.

All Safety Edge Protection products are made to perform seamlessly in all seasons, from Canadian winter temperatures to Middle Eastern hot and humid climates. A Smart Edge System provides construction sites with one consistent and uniform look.

Safety Edge Protection

Innovative Edge Production

Safety Edge Protection Systems are the first in the world to introduce a visual inspection gauge and claw foot to the temporary edge protection industry and continues to stand at the leading edge of safety innovations in the high-rise construction industry. The durable Safety Edge Protection Systems exceed the highest level of safety standards and have the advantages of easy and fast installation and dismantling.

Speed Edge System

Perimeter Protection – Safe and Easy

The Speed Edge System provides perimeter edge protection for the interior and exterior openings on under-construction buildings, with no loose pieces to misplace. Posts and fences are easily installed between concrete floors and ceilings, keeping the edge safe for workers on the construction site.

The Speed Edge System also provides durable temporary edge protection that incorporates many built-in safety features, eliminates the usual smaller components that are normally lost and damaged, and the compact design allows it to easily be moved around the site.

The Smart Post

SmartTriggerPostThe Smart Edge One Pack System offers a large variety of edge protection applications with the convenience of being packed as an all-in-one solution. The Smart Post is an enhancement of the Speed Post used with our Speed Edge products. With the Smart Edge Pack this aluminum post attaches to the fence, and is 70% lighter.

The Smart Post has a triple safety installation mechanism:

  1. Dual colour indicator (upper and lower) to enable an installer to visually check that a post is installed correctly
  2. Sound that fires when the tension is released
  3. Vibration when shot into the concrete

When installed correctly the indicator turns green. In case of failure, the upper indicator turns red and lower shows both green and red.

In the standard (42”) application the Smart Post extends to a ceiling height of 10’. In the application of higher ceilings, the post can be reattached to the longer side of the fence to reach up to 14’.