Dealing with several different vendors and suppliers – even for basic products and services – can become a full-time job for employees to keep up with. Multiple invoicing systems, trouble-shooting issues, requesting technical and sales support from a multitude of different companies all has a cost associated with it. When you streamline your suppliers and eliminate all of the busy-work, you can start to focus on what really matters: creating, driving, and maintaining a culture of safety in your workplace. In a strong safety culture, everyone feels responsible for safety and pursues it on a daily basis; employees go beyond the call of duty to identify unsafe conditions and behaviors and intervene to correct them.

If you’re still dealing with multiple vendors for your safety products and services, maybe it’s time you looked at a single-source solution.

Clear & Actionable Safety Plans

We agree to work together to identify and implement the best safety practices for your organisation by eliminating hazards, ensuring compliance with health, safety, fire and environmental regulations.


Competitive Pricing

By aligning our systems and processes to optimize total cost of ownership, we ensure we have access to the safety products and services we need at a competitive cost.


Timely Customer Service

We’ll assign you a senior customer service contact that is guaranteed to handle all of your requests within four (4) business hours or less. You’ll also have access to an internal contact listing of any other account-specific personnel you might need.


What You Need, When You Need It

We guarantee to maintain inventory levels on your (mutually agreed upon) most regularly used products to ensure a 98% fill rate, with a 100% fill rate on any items that you’ve deemed as a “must-have”. And if we can’t provide an agreeable solution, we’ll work with you to find a third party who will.


Operational Excellence

We develop and share KPIs that are relevant to your organisation, all based on your usage patterns of our products and services. We also schedule product and service reviews so you’ve always got access to our most cost-effective, up-to-date offerings.


Cost Savings

We’ll document a minimum average of 10% value-added cost reductions for the first three years of our agreement, and a mutually agreed target each year after. We’ll also provide you with a rebate credit within 60 days of the end of the calendar year, representing 4% of the growth in your annual purchases                          invoiced during that year.

Still not sure if our Preferred Safety Partner program is right for you? Download the checklist now, or get in touch with us for more info.

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