• Working at Heights - Training Provider and Standards

    A man stand's on a beam that he is anchored to with a harness and Nano lock self retracting lifelineOn December 9, 2014, the Working at Heights Training Provider and Working at Heights Training Program Standards were established and new regulatory training requirements for workers who work at heights on construction projects were announced. As of April 1, 2015, new mandatory training will apply to workers who use personal fall protection systems at workplaces covered by the Construction Projects Regulation.

    As part of the launch, the Ministry of Labour will be holding information sessions for prospective working at heights training providers. These sessions are designed to help training providers better understand the Ministry’s application and approvals process to become a Chief Prevention Officer (CPO) approved training provider of an approved working at heights training program. Attendees will be able to ask questions and seek clarification on aspects of the assessment and approval processes.

     Levitt-Safety/EHS Training & Consulting Services will be in attendance at these meetings with the ultimate goal of becoming an approved training provider.

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