Can you believe 2019 is coming to an end? It feels like just yesterday we were uncovering the weirdest safety questions of 2018 and announcing our win for COS magazine Readers’ Choice Awards.

But alas, the clock is ticking closer and closer to 2020, or as I call it — the year of good eyesight. (Did I mention we also released Safety glasses for dummies this year?)

With all this in mind, we decided to take a walk down memory lane. Today, we’re showcasing our Market Segment Managers’ favourite safety products of 2019 (in no particular order).

Jonathan McCallum | Occpuational Health and Hygiene Specialist

Market segment manager Jonathan McCallum Occupational health and industrial hygiene

1. AccuFIT 9000 Respirator Fit Tester

AccuFIT 9000 Respirator Fit Test Machine

What it is:
The AccuFIT 9000 respirator fit tester is designed for all types of respirator users including industrial, first responder and healthcare workers. Shop now

What Jonathan loves about it:

  • Conducts fit tests on most styles of respirator (disposable, half mask, full face, SCBA)
  • It’s fast – fit test only takes 3.5 minutes
  • Can be used on its own or wirelessly connected to a PC


2. NDD EasyOne Air Spirometer

EasyOne® Air Portable & PC spirometer

What it is:
EasyOne Air is a flexible and accurate spirometer designed for healthcare providers. Spirometers measure the volume of air inspired and expired by the lungs. This portable spirometer delivers reliable results without the need for calibration. Shop now

What Jonathan loves about it:

  • Easy to use with touchscreen interface or wireless connectivity to PC
  • Proven, accurate ultrasonic flow measurement in all flow ranges
  • Hygienic solution for users and patients


Tony Guarino | Confined Space

Market segment manager Tony Guarino confined space

3. Equiptec Squirrel Mobile Work Platform

squirrel VRS mobile work platform photo

What it is:
Equiptec is a New Zealand company that makes vertical rise stairs. Equiptec is a height-adjustable work platform designed for better safety and productivity. It’s compact but uses the space wisely by including locking wheels, handrails and guardrails. Shop now

What Tony loves about it:

  • Great alternative to ladders
  • Easy to move from room to room and has guardrails to keep you safe
  • Has 4 deck positions so you can use it at different heights


4. Ventis Pro5 Gas Monitor


What it is:
Ventis Pro5 has been the talk of the town since our webinar Everything you need to know about connected gas monitors. Ventis Pro5 does more than detect gases, it also has peer-to-peer alarm sharing and remote live monitoring capabilities. Shop now

What Tony loves about it:

  • Allows your multi-gas monitor to connect and communicate vital information live with your iNet platform
  • Improves communication
  • Uses your existing wifi network to send information


Leslie Molin | Personal Safety

market segment manager leslie molin personal safety with headshot

5. Geroline K1 Midsole Ice Cleat

geroline Original K1 Series Midsole Ice Cleat

What it is:

The K1 ice cleat is the secret to walking on ice with confidence. These cleats feature 5 ice-penetrating tungsten carbide studs that sit in the midsole of your boot. Shop now

What Leslie loves about it:

  • Easy to take on and off
  • Cleat rotates to top of foot so you can drive or climb a ladder
  • Comes in an intrinsic safe version for oil and gas, and mining facilities


6. 3M™ Virtua™ CCS Protective Eyewear

3M™ Virtua™ CCS Protective Eyewear

What it is:
The 3M™ Virtua™ CCS Protective Eyewear has a unique temple design for added comfort. It also holds your earplug cords securely and keeps them untangled. Shop now

What Leslie loves about it:

  • Anti-fog and anti-scratch coating
  • Incredibly comfortable and lightweight
  • Foam gasket around lenses limits exposure to dust


Derek McEwen | Fire Systems and Mining Technology

Market segment manager Derek McEwan Fire systems and mining technology with headshot

7. WES3 Fire System

WES3 Strobe and Sounder Call Point

What it is:

The WES3 is a wireless emergency call point, evacuation, and detection system for construction and renovation projects. It offers a solution to noisy and complex construction sites by offering a loud and reliable system for increased site safety in the event of fire and medical alerts. Shop now

What Derek loves about it:

  • It has a cloud-based option to monitor remotely and offsite supers when they’re away from site
  • Enhances security and can reduce catastrophic damage with the fire detection options and alerting authorities
  • It’s a user-friendly solution to replace antiquated methods of construction site protection and alarms


8. Eagle Cap Lamp

Eagle Cap Lamp

What it is:

NLT cap lamps have proven their reliability and function in many mines in Canada and across the world for over 20 years. This fully manufactured and supported Canadian company distributes globally with its products. The lamps can now be purchased with an RFID or WiFi tracking tag built-in on certain models the Eagle, Falcon, and Genesis. Shop now

What Derek loves about it:

  • When combined with the full NLT suite of digital solutions, these lamps are a very efficient way to incorporate real-time accountability during the day and shift changes
  • Enables mines and tunnels set up with telemetry options
  • Improves communication and safety


Levitt-Safety top products of 2019

Well, there you have it, a comprehensive list of our top products from 2019.

The new year will be here soon enough, make 2020 a safer year for your team by stocking up on the products we listed here!


Want to reminisce more on 2019?

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