• Michael Douglas6 Features that Elevate Vertical Rise Stairs Above Other Platform Systems

    The age old problem of having to use a large array of access platforms when servicing a variety of machinery (and then having to store them in between jobs!) is solved with vertical rise stairs, or VRS.

    We recently brought our Monkey to a tradeshow – the VRS Monkey, that is! What stood out most to people who watched the demonstration, was the versatility all these features offered. You could see the light-bulbs going off as people started to picture how this work platform would solve their hard-to-reach places at work.

    These multi-use, adjustable height platforms are designed to increase safety and productivity in your workplace, and come with a ton of exciting features that we love and our customers were most excited about. Today we’re going to take a look at our top six favourite features on the VRS Giraffe model.

    1. Lockable Gates

    The VRS Giraffe features not one, but three lockable gates, allowing you to easily (but more importantly, safely) access your job.

    2. Hinged Safety Bar

    The hinged safety bars with grasper latch on the VRS Giraffe provide an additional element of security for workers.

    3. Wide Platforms

    The 1.6 meter platform on the VRS Giraffe makes it easy to reach over obstacles or access hard-to-reach areas.

    4. Minimal Floor Footprint

    Storage space is at a premium in just about any facility you enter. The VRS Giraffe takes up the same amount of space no matter what height the platform is raised to.

    5. Easy to Move

    The VRS Giraffe features forklift pockets under the chassis so that you can easily load, unload, and transport it anywhere you need.

    6. No Slips or Trips

    Since the base tread remains at a constant height from the floor surface, trip concerns are eliminated, which also reduces the risk of falling.

    So there you have it! Six great reasons to give the VRS Giraffe (or its counterparts!) a try. You’ll be able to replace multiple fixed height platforms with one versatile, high-quality, multiuse unit. The result? A truly versatile workstation.

    Still not convinced? Download our handy comparison chart to find out which work platform is right for you!


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    Michael Douglas | National Manager, Marketing Segments
    Levitt-Safety Limited Oakville