Thanks for coming back to read part two of my experience at the A+A Show in Düsseldorf. You can read part one here! Now let’s get right into the products.

After walking each and every aisle of the A+A show, here’s my personal top 5 list of safety solutions that caught my eye (in no particular order):

  1. Honeywell put a big emphasis on the “connected worker”, which was great as long as your worker happened to need gas detection; otherwise you are out of luck. It looks like their Safety Suite software is almost ready for prime time. This software provides an interesting way of ensuring that workers are properly trained, protected and only working where they should.
  2. Parade, a French safety shoe manufacturer, used the show to launch Izome, which they claim to be the world’s first “connected safety shoe”. The IoT has come to footwear!  These safety shoes can detect “loss of verticality” (i.e. a fall) combined with lack of movement to alert someone with the person’s location.  The shoes can also be used for geo-fencing to ensure only authorized people enter specific areas.  Maybe Honeywell should talk to these folks.
  3. Most of the products on the 3M booth would be familiar to my readers, but they did offer a cool virtual reality tour of an oil rig to demonstrate where training is likely headed in the future. As someone who is a bit afraid of heights, the trip up to the top of the rig was a bit dizzying… or was that the after effect from too much Alt bier the night before?
  4. A Polish outfit called Assecuro ( has developed a neat Android application (sorry, not available for iPhones) that uses the phone’s built in accelerometers to recognize a fall and automatically notify a contact about the fall and the person’s location. At 10 Euros, this is a bargain.
  5. Prevor ( showed off a series of innovations in their spill control line. They now have European approval to declassify spills of many materials that have been treated with their Trivorex product, meaning they can be safely disposed of as non-hazardous waste.  “Le Vert” (the Green) solves the problem of what to do with spill/splash residue that isn’t on a flat surface.  It is a liquid version of Trivorex that can be sprayed onto vertical surfaces, machinery, pipes, etc., preventing damage to machinery and equipment that may have been exposed.  Finally, their Polycaptor product does an amazing job of handling organic spills and leaves the surface dry with no residue, reducing the risk of slips and falls.

Did you attend the A+A Show? What do you think of the innovative new products featured there? Have you heard of any new health and safety game changers? Let me know in the comments below!

Bruce Levitt


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