Industrial Scientific’s Radius BZ1 Area Monitor is built to detect gas hazards 24/7 without the hassle of elaborate wireless setups and maintenance routines. You’ll get the flexibility to deploy the monitors in temporary or long-term configurations, protecting your workers from the specific hazards that exist in your workplace for up to 168 continuous hours! The BZ1 is an out-of-the-box solution that can be used in just about any scenario that requires gas detection – setting up perimeters for maintenance, monitoring leaks, or entering confined spaces. Check out our top seven uses for your Radius BZ1 Area Monitor:

1 – Confined Space Monitoring

Radius BZ1 Area Monitor for Tank FarmsConfined spaces are some of the most dangerous areas for workers. They pose a number of unique hazards, many of which can be deadly. The law says that you must test the atmosphere in a confined space prior to entering – and to continually monitor the atmosphere inside once a worker has entered. The Radius BZ1 Area Monitor, equipped with its remote sampling pump, is an ideal monitor to accomplish both the pre-entry testing and continuous monitoring in many confined space applications.

The sample pump of the Radius BZ1 is capable of drawing a remote sample from up to 30 meters (100’), allowing the monitor to be easily stationed outside and, if necessary, at a safe distance from the entry point of the confined space. The extended battery life of the Radius with a pump, typically 3 ½ days (or 84 continuous hours), also makes it ideal for continuous monitoring of the atmosphere during long entry procedures. The monitor’s large display, bright visual alarms, and 108 dB at 1 m audible alarms help to draw attention to the space if a hazard occurs, so your workers know when to get out.

2 – Emergency Response

The Radius BZ1 Area Monitor is the perfect addition to a first responder’s gas monitoring program. It can be used to establish and maintain a safe zone or monitor a continuous leak in an emergency situation, eliminating the need to approach the hazard and greatly reducing the chance of exposure to dangerous gases – all without the need for extra equipment or complicated setups.

The Radius BZ1 allows emergency workers to simultaneously monitor for up to seven hazards, including combustible, toxic, and volatile organic compound gases. Thanks to a 360-degree gas path and all-weather sensor deployment, the monitor accurately detects gases, regardless of environmental conditions, avoiding false readings and alarms. And with the largest display in its class, bright and loud alarms, text-based menus, and customizable alarm action messages, it is easy to know what is happening near a Radius BZ1, even at a distance.

3 – Tank Farms

Tank farms are areas or facilities that exclusively store petroleum products before they’re shipped to end users or retail facilities. You may also find acids in a variety of concentrations and types. Gases and vapours can build up in the heads of the tanks, causing the potential for combustion if an ignition source hits these gases. Obviously, the need for proper gas detection is essential when storing such flammable and hazardous materials.

Radius BZ1 Area Monitors can be set up near a tank farm to make sure those toxic or combustible gases are not escaping into the environment. Monitors can be set up in the spots where gas is most likely to appear, or even further down in the facility where lighter than air gases may be present. The long battery life in the BZ1 gives you the security of long-term continuous monitoring, ensuring your area monitors will function and alarm in the event of a leak.

Want to learn more about the Radius BZ1 Area Monitor and its applications?

Check out the comprehensive application notes on all of the uses for your BZ1 mentioned in this blog here and watch the video below to find out even more solutions the BZ1 can provide your workplace.

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