We’re a fan of Reddit. In contrast to our 5 favourite LinkedIn groups, Reddit groups offer a more candid look at the everyday challenges of working in the world of occupational health and safety. It also gives us some pretty great content to write blogs like the 12 Safety Fails That Will Make You Reconsider Your Work Platform.

A lot of the photos posted to Reddit scare the living safety out of us, the site also serves as a great forum for discussion.

Want a safety professional’s advice? Reddit. Need help navigating a problem? Reddit. Want to hear other’s worst safety scares? Reddit.

Today, we’re discussing our top three favourite Reddit communities that we follow, share with our team and use to stay in the know.

TL;DR: Here are the top three subreddits to start following today if you work in safety.

1. r/WorkplaceSafety

For those who have questions – 1,200 subscribers

Workplace Safety strays more on the professional side and encourages users to share safety news, tool box talks, regulatory compliance questions and general workplace and safety tips.

Often, people post asking questions about how to deal with a situation, whether they should be concerned about something they witnessed at work and what resources they should turn to for help.

Both Canadians and Americans frequent this group, often opening discussions around OSHA, WHMIS and other legislative regulations.


2. r/OSHA

For those who want to see it all – 678,000 subscribers

The OSHA subreddit brings a definite shock factor. In this group, you’ll find a examples demonstrating how not to perform work.

As tough as some of these are to look at, these poor examples of workplace safety resonate with us and drive our team to keep with our mission of building a safer Canada.

3. r/SafetyFirst

For safety professionals working in Environmental Health and Safety (EH&S) – 797 subscribers

Safety First is dedicated to those who work in the EH&S field.

Whether you’re a veteran worker who can offer advice or a newbie looking for tips, a ton of great career advice and discussion for jobs at every level take place here.

Subreddits for the subgroups of safety

Looking for a forum more specific to your industry? There are also a ton of other, relevant safety communities including:

We’re dedicated to staying ahead of the curve. This means that as the safety community continues to migrate to the online world, so do we! The best way we can make for a safer tomorrow is by welcoming an open and candid discussion on safety.

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