Your safety spend goes way beyond personal protective equipment. It includes equipment and instrument servicing, building maintenance and training your staff to name a few.

Consolidating your total safety investment helps you protect your people, your assets, and the environments that you work and live in.

One of the unique programs we offer is a Preferred Safety Partnership.

The perks of consolidating your safety spend:

Through this partnership you’ll reap the benefits of dedicated customer service, competitive pricing and guaranteed inventory levels on your most used items.

On top of this you’ll also save a lot of money.

For the first three years of the agreement, you’ll see an 10% average in value-added cost reductions. After those three years are up, we’ll find a mutually agreed cost savings target.

Is the Preferred Safety Partner Program right for your company?

If you’re not sure whether you’d benefit from consolidating your safety spend, answer these 10 questions.

1. Are you experience safety issues in one or more of these areas?

  • Building safety compliance?
  • Personal protective equipment
  • Health and safety training
  • Servicing of life safety equipment to meet regulatory compliance
  • Managing of your safety records

2. Are you using multiple suppliers to support the above safety needs?

3. Do you experience inventory and delivery issues from current HSE product and service providers?

4. Do you have issues getting in touch with knowledgeable customer service support for your safety purchases?

5. When making a purchasing decision, do you struggle with choosing the best product or service to meet the needs of your company and employees?

6. Do you experience downtime because equipment is sent off-site for repairs or service?

7. Is the inspection and maintenance of your facilities and equipment handled by multiple service providers?

8. Do you outsource internal safety training to multiple vendors?

9. Do you or someone in your company spend significant amounts of time managing and tracking safety records?

10. Do you struggle with management and staff following safe workplace practices and procedures?

If you answer yes to more than 3 of the questions, this program would be great for you. Give your sales rep a call or your local branch today to get set up.

Bruce Levitt


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