• Michael DouglasThe Ultimate Beginners’ Guide to Chemical Safety is Free and Ready to Download!

    My post today is short and sweet – not because I don’t have much to say about chemical safety, but because all the great info you’re looking for is in our new Ultimate Beginners’ Guide to Chemical Safety.

    ultimate beginners' guide to chemical safety

    My team and I are really excited to share this great resource (for free!). Here’s what’s included:

    Effects of Chemical Hazards

    Chemical-related illnesses come in many different forms. This guide discusses the difference between acute and chronic effects, and how you can avoid both by limiting your exposures.

    How to Identify Chemicals in the Workplace

    Do you know all the different WHMIS/GHS hazard classes and categories? We list them all and explain what they mean to you and your workplace.

    How to Detect Chemicals

    There are a number of different methods used to detect hazardous vapours and gases that chemical products emit. This guide provides in-depth information on colorimetric detection tubes, single and multi-gas monitors, photoionization detectors (PID) and infrared (IR) technology to help you select the right solution for your needs.

    How to Protect Yourself from Chemicals

    If you aren’t able to eliminate a chemical hazard at its source, there are a number of personal protective solutions available. We give a detailed breakdown of each option including chemical suits, gloves, eyewear, face protection and respirators.

    How to Store Chemicals

    It’s important to properly store your chemicals when they’re not in use – especially when it comes to corrosive solutions. Learn more about the required materials and ventilation needed to ensure your safety.

    First Aid for Chemical Accidents

    Different types of chemicals call for different emergency protocols. We cover everything you need to know about emergency showers and eyewashes, Diphoterine by Prevor and spill control solutions to keep you and your workplace safe.

    Responsibilities of Employers and Employees

    In every workplace, both the employer and the workers must understand and exercise their responsibilities to ensure everyone’s safety. The Ultimate Beginners’ Guide to Chemical Safety explains what’s required from both parties.

    To take advantage of this great resource today, simply click the link below and request your free copy.


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