• Stat-X First Responder

    The Stat-X First Responder is a small, light, handheld unit with a pull actuator designed to be tossed into rooms with active fires to provide immediate fire suppression. When used by firefighters, it buys time for hose set-up, stops flashover, and can provide an emergency egress route through a wall of flames. Used by police first on the scene, it can slow a fire long enough to allow fire departments to arrive. The Stat-X First Responder is also an exceptional tool for energy companies for use in manhole fires and underground vaults!


    • Offers significant fire “knockdown” and rapid suppression capabilities for enclosed spaces
    • Zero ozone depletion, zero atmospheric life, and insignificant global warming potential
    • Favorably reviewed by EPA for SNAP listing
    • Safe for fire fighters and any occupants trapped by fire
    • No oxygen depletion — suppresses at very low concentrations by interference with free radicals
    • Provides a reliable, cost effective fire protection tool for a wide range of fire scenarios
    • Small, compact, and easily portable to point of attack

    Typical application scenarios include:


    • Scenario A: Firefighter arrives at the scene of an early stage fire. After evacuating people and before additional resources arrive at the scene, toss a Stat-X First Responder into the rooms which are involved with the fire. This will buy time for further rescue and for firefighters to lay hose.
    • Scenario B: Firefighters are concerned about potential flashover from a fire down a hall and water isn’t available yet. Toss a Stat-X First Responder ahead of the firefighters to eliminate many of the contributing factors of a flashover.
    • Scenario C: A firefighter is trapped or can’t get to a victim due to an intense area of fire. Toss a Stat-X First Responder into the flame area for immediate fire suppression.


    • Scenario A: Police arrive at a vehicle fire as a result of an accident. There are occupants trapped in the burning vehicle and the fire department has not yet arrived. Break a window, toss The Stat-X First Responder into the vehicle to knock down the fire and remove the occupants.
    • Scenario B: SWAT arrives on site and must deploy “flash bangers” into an area to stun criminals. These flash bangers often ignite combustibles. Toss a Stat-X First Responder into the flame area for immediate fire suppression for entry or to suppress fire while awaiting the arrival of the fire department.
    • Scenario C: Police arrive on the site of a structure (house) fire, in advance of the fire department. Occupants can be seen or heard in the fire area. Deploy The Stat-X First Responder to possibly attempt rescue or at least suppress and hold the fire in check until the fire department arrives.


    • Scenario A: The worst case — fire erupts in a manhole with worker stuck in the manhole and either incapacitated or unable to escape though the flames. Co-worker immediately deploys First Responder and tosses it into the manhole away from the trapped worker. It will suppress/extinguish the fire, buying valuable time for evacuation or power shutdown.
    • Scenario B: Underground transformer fire, or any below grade enclosed space fire. Just twist and pull the ring, toss First Responder in. Deploy another as necessary to suppress/extinguish the fire reducing damage and downtime.

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