There’s no doubt that the process of buying health and safety equipment can be complicated and expensive. Even when you’ve done your best to build a great supply of your most regularly used OHS tools, surprises happen. Unexpected emergencies, equipment breakdown, or special projects can all cause gaps in your ability to supply your workers with all the tools they need to safely deal with the situation. Trying to fill those gaps can get expensive, and it can be hard to justify those costs if the need is only short-term. That’s just one of the reasons renting safety equipment could make sense for you.

Why else should you rent? Read on.


Think about the price you’d pay outright for a piece of safety equipment, say a multigas detector.. Now imagine if you found yourself in a situation where you suddenly needed several of those same monitors right away – could you afford to absorb that expense? And would you even want to if it were for a short-term job or project? You won’t be incurring significant expense for rarely used products.

You’re also eliminating maintenance costs when you rent safety equipment. All the inspection, calibration and repair is taken care of in our certified service shops by trained technicians. Not only is your equipment guaranteed to be in ultimate working order, you won’t be paying for it, either!


You don’t have to worry about storing your safety equipment when you rent it. You can pick it up when you need it and drop it off when you’re done. And since we take care of all the inspection, calibration and maintenance, so you know that product will be ready to rock the next time you need it.

On the other hand, if you’ve got a piece of equipment in for repair or servicing, you’ll need to minimize disruption to your production and productivity as possible. We’ll help get you set up with a rental replacement, so your business continues to operate seamlessly.

It’s EASY.

We’ve already hand-picked the best OHS products on the market for our rental fleet, so you don’t have to. We’ll help guide you through the selection process so you’ll never have to worry that you haven’t made the best choice for your specific application. We offer you top quality instruments and other personal protective equipment for daily, weekly and even monthly rentals.

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