John Lindsay likes helping people who are in a pinch. “I operate off the seat of my pants, but I never fail to find the solution,” he jokes.

In 1994 Levitt-Safety recognized that there was an opportunity to try our hand at offering rental equipment; it was something that Bruce Levitt had observed was popular in the states but didn’t yet exist in the Canadian safety industry. John, who had been working in our instruments department since 1989, was a natural fit to lead the new rentals initiative.


Through word of mouth we began offering equipment to be loaned out to our customers. First it was gas detectors, then came noise monitors. Factor in respiratory fit testing equipment, and it was a game changer. Over the years we’ve expanded to offer just about every instrument that our customers need to keep safe and successfully monitor their environments.

Who uses rental equipment?

Anyone from any industry. Our top “renters” include airlines, hospitals, nuclear labs and chemical manufacturers, as well as contracted health and safety consultants and industrial hygienists.

What do we rent?

  • Portable single, multi and specialty gas monitors
  • Respiratory fit testing equipment
  • Indoor and environmental air quality monitors
  • Air sampling monitors
  • Sound level meters
  • Heat stress monitors
  • Health and wellness equipment

Why rent instead of buy?

John explains, “For some companies, investing in an expensive piece of equipment just isn’t worth it.” Products like respiratory fit-testing equipment come with a ten-thousand-dollar price tag but are only used once or twice a year. In instances such as this, it’s generally more cost-effective to rent rather than investing in a unit. This has become a norm for many – in fact, a large number of our rental customers return year after year to book their equipment when it comes time for testing.

For those who have doubts about a big purchase, the Levitt-Safety Rentals Department also allows customers to “try before they buy”, as John calls it. By renting beforehand, we can ensure that our customers are happy with their purchase before investing in it.

Other companies choose to rent simply to make their lives easier. When you rent, you don’t have to worry about the equipment’s maintenance, calibration or repairs. Just request the date you need it for and you’ll receive the instrument, ready to use.

Lastly, many companies turn to our Rentals Division to provide a loaner when their own equipment is being serviced or repaired. Truthfully, the perk having equipment available to rent in the interim is a big reason why many choose Levitt-Safety as their service provider as well.

What can you expect?

When you place a rental request (either online or by phone) it gets sent to John’s desk. From there, he is able to coordinate whether the equipment should be sent from our Edmonton, Winnipeg, Oakville or Moncton facility. Most days, he can have it shipped out within the next hour.

John’s guarantee is to always have it to you at least a day before you’ll be using it. This way he can ensure that you’ve successfully set up the equipment and any relevant software ahead of time. If you have any issues, he’s there to help you walk through the troubleshooting process – even if it’s a matter of spending hours on the phone and sending out a replacement unit only to find out that it was plugged into a dead outlet all along (a true story that he now laughs about).

What if you don’t know how to use it?

As your partner in all things safety, Levitt-Safety has technicians and trainers available to visit you on-site to ensure that your testing goes according to plan. Whether you’re performing dust monitoring or trying to get your entire team of 50 fit tested for their respirators, we can offer you support for every piece of equipment that we rent. Even if an on-site specialist isn’t required, you can be assured that John and his team will never leave you without direction on your rental.

Why rent with Levitt-Safety

After 25 years in the role, John still comes into work each day with the same ambition to help each customer solve their unique occupational health and safety challenges. When you rent your equipment from Levitt-Safety, you’re dealing with folks like John who want to keep you safe.

If you want to learn more or have any questions about your specific needs, be sure to reach out to us today. We will be glad to help

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