Many businesses and building projects are temporarily shutting down due to COVID-19. With orders to stay home in place in provinces across Canada, it’s not possible or affordable to have a security team on-site 24/7.

But even when this is all over and life is getting back on track, how will you protect your assets, staff and wider community from a fire?

As the old saying goes, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

WES3 REACT platform

Fire departments do their best to get to a fire as fast as possible, in Calgary, for instance, the benchmark is 7 minutes door to door.

A fire can double in size in only a few minutes:

However, a fire can double in size in only a few minutes. Modern construction sites have increased fire loads with materials and flammable products which can have disastrous results.

That 7 minute response time also does not take into account the time it takes for someone to notice the fire and call 9-1-1. This means your new project or existing business could be lost before first responders arrive.

Buying an ounce of prevention:

WES3 is a wireless evacuation system new to the Canadian market. It’s a smoke and heat detector, medical alert, and evacuation alarm all wrapped into one.

The system communicates throughout your building or project and can provide the exact location of a trigger point. When connected with your monitoring equipment, WES3 has the ability to notify first responders immediately.

wes3 REACT app

You can also sync your WES3 monitoring system with the REACT mobile phone app, which enables you to monitor your site from anywhere in the world.

If there is a fire at 2am or a medical alert while you’re off-site, REACT notifies you and lets you respond.

This powerful cloud-based data and control smartphone app fully integrates with the WES3 system. Your phone becomes a powerful safety tool and ensures your site has the best level of manned or unmanned protection.

Features of the REACT system:

  • Capable of system check-ins, GPS location tracking and lone worker features
  • Mapping capability to identify the source of the emergency situation on location.
  • Raise remote alerts from smartphone or tablet.
  • Instant notifications of site activation delivered to key personnel.
  • Detailed incident logs and system monitoring via the dashboard.
  • Customizable alerts and notifications.

As we discussed in our ‘Ditch the Air Horn’ webinar, REACT combines wireless technology, cloud-based data and a mobile phone app to create an emergency response system with real-time information.

The REACT mobile app can be paired with an existing system or used with the newly released Connect control unit.

Connect control unit features:

  • 4G data connectivity via SMS or to the WES cloud.
  • Enhanced user interface including alphanumeric keypad.
  • Fully compatible with existing WES3 systems for optional upgrades.
  • Allows for remote management, control, and diagnosis of system.
  • Links to REACT app for added functionality.

The combination of the Connect control unit and the REACT app take your sites evacuation system to the next level.

As we’ve seen in the past two months, the safety needs of a new project or large building can change.

These tools are your ounce of prevention. They allow you to have the peace of mind that your manned or unmmanned sites are monitored for emergency situations.

Want to learn more about connecting your worksite with WES3 system and the REACT app?

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