Imagine you could buy your team a respirator that was comfortable, didn’t need a fit test and supplied them with cool fresh air instead of hot recycled air.

It’s not a dream, it’s called a powered air-purifying respirator and it’s awesome; we’re going to explain why in this post.

What is a powered air-purifying respirator (PAPR)?

A PAPR is unique from other types of respirators because it has a loose-fitting hood instead of a tight-fitting mask like an N95.

PAPRs are battery powered which means it pulls in fresh air, filters it and sends it into your hood.

Bullard EVA 20LF papr Most PAPRs will have similar features to those mentioned in this post, but we’re focusing on the EVA 20LF from Bullard.

The EVA 20LF is unlike any other PAPR on the market because its hood has a HEPA exhalation panel to filter 99.97% of particulates in the air you exhale.

This makes it perfect for cleanroom/sterile environment and critical with COVID-19 cases on the rise and cold and flu season starting to pick up.

1. No more fit testing:

PAPRs don’t need fit testing because the PAPR filters the air before you breathe it in.

No more fit testing means you spend less time on planning and logistics. For example, you need to schedule your team for fit tests and have staff available to cover their responsibilities.

There is also a chance the mask won’t provide a proper seal which means you would need to source a different type of mask and reschedule fit tests for your team. This has been a common problem with the shortage of disposable N95 respirators this year.

No more fit testing also has another benefit for your male staff…

2. No more shaving:

That’s right fellas, you can throw your razors away!

Tight-fitting respirators require men to be clean-shaven, PAPRs do not.

This is great news for men who:

  • don’t shave for religious or culture reasons
  • like the way a beard looks, and
  • are excessively hairy and have to shave daily.

3. Great for extended use:

People who work in fields like laboratory research, pharmaceutical and healthcare need to wear their masks for several hours at a time.

researcher wearing a bullard PAPR while working in a lab

If you had a choice between these two options which would you choose?

  • Option A: A respirator that seals around your nose and mouth, recycles your hot, stale breath and presses tightly against your head which can cause headaches.
  • Option B: A hood that covers your face, pushes a constant supply of fresh, filtered air, and integrates eye, nose and mouth protection.

Option B is the obvious choice and makes working long hours in a respirator sound (almost) enjoyable.

4. Less cross-contamination:

Before any air comes into your lungs or released into the atmosphere, it is filtered through a HEPA filter, which traps 99.97% of particles.

Most PAPRs have a HEPA filter for the air you inhale, but EVA 20LF is the only respirator on the market with a HEPA filter for exhaled air.

This provides a safer, more comfortable option for people working in smaller spaces where physical distancing is not possible.

5. Saves money:

Do you remember when we said you won’t have to book any more fit testing appointments? That was the first way a PAPR saves you money.

The second way a PAPR saves you money is that you won’t need to buy disposable respirators anymore and overtime you will see cost savings.

The third (and most immediate) way you can save money is because our EVA 20LF PAPR is currently on sale.

You can save 17% on the EVA 20LF PAPR kit. It was originally $1,741.16 and now it’s only $1,450.00. The kit includes:

  • belt
  • battery
  • charger
  • airflow indicator
  • breathing tube, and
  • non-HEPA facepiece.

Note: The HEPA filter cartridge and HEPA-filter facepiece are sold separately. We have links below for all three products.

The PAPR kit:

bullard EVA 20LF powered air purifying respirator

The HEPA-filter facepiece:

hepa filter PAPR facepiece

The HEPA-filter cartridge:

hepa filter PAPR cartridge

Everyone in your company will be happier from choosing the EVA PAPR:

  • Your staff: They will love not having to get fit tested anymore, the men on your team will rejoice at not having to shave and any staff who wears glasses will be more comfortable.
  • Your accounting team: They will love the money you’re saving.
  • You: You will love the silence. No one will complain to you ever again about their respirator. You’re a hero!

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If you have a question or would like more information about PAPRs, you can message or call us.

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