• Pokémon Go Safety Tips

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    7 Safety Tips to Remember

    Pokémon Go has become a phenomenon with gamers this summer. The digitally-assisted scavenger hunt game uses your phones GPS and camera to immediately transform your surroundings by way of augmented reality into a real-time game board. The next thing you know, you’re walking around your neighborhood frequently checking the screen on your phone and attempting to catch the Pokémon. When your phone alerts you that Pokémon is near, you run to the nearest location to capture it! Sounds like fun, right?

    Pokémon Go downloads have been going through the roof at over 500,000,000 in just a few days, and people are spending twice as much time on it as snapchat.

    Although Pokémon Go gets you off the couch by merging real life with gameplay, remember to be safe when wandering the streets.

    Some safety tips to remember when playing the Pokémon Go game this summer:

    1. Stay safe at night. Since this game uses your GPS, you might head into locations that you’re not familiar with, and they could be unsafe at dark.
    2. Look up. Don’t walk while you’re looking down at your phone. Stop when you’re looking for Pokemon, and when you find him and need to proceed, look up and continue walking.
    3. Look both ways before you cross the street. You might have to cross the street and will need to be cautious for oncoming traffic.
    4. Do not trespass. As you try to “catch ‘em all”, be sure to stay in public places or ask for permission to enter private areas. Even public places like parks have hours posted. Be sure to stay within the law as you play.
    5. Dress comfortably and bring water. It’s hot outside and you’ll be playing for a while, make sure to dress appropriately and drink plenty of water to hydrate yourself. Also, if you bring your pet, remember to be mindful to stay in pet friendly locations and bring some water for your little canine friend.
    6. Don’t let children wander off alone. Be sure to use the buddy system or go with children as they explore their surroundings. Make sure parents or guardians know where children will be.
    7. Park. Then, Pokémon GO! Do NOT use mobile gaming apps while driving.
    Bonus Gamer Tip: Bring your charger or extra battery with you. Since this game runs on your GPS and Camera, you’ll burn through your battery pretty quickly.
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