• Alton NewmanDon't PASS on Fire Safety Preparation

    Fires can get out of control in the matter of minutes – in fact, fires are capable of doubling in size every 60 seconds. Most people don’t know how to correctly use a fire extinguisher. Do you?Fire extinguisher

    Regardless of its classification, all fire extinguishers have the same basic design which includes an activation pin, nozzle and handle. The actions to follow when faced with a fire can be remembered with the acronym of PASS.

    P – Pull the pin

    A – Aim the nozzle at the base of the fire

    S – Squeeze the handle

    S – Sweep from side to side

    Check out our poster below which illustrates each step. Print it, post it and keep your workers prepared!


    PASS Poster, Fire protection safety



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    Alton Newman | Market Segment Manager. Fire and Emergency Services