Safety managers save lives everyday in companies across Canada. But, they don’t make headlines or have movies made about them. Admittedly, The Safety Manager would be a dull superhero movie. There would be a lot of meetings, inspections and, thanks to all the planning and dedication, no action at all. But in the real world that’s the ideal outcome.

When nothing happens and accidents don’t occur, it’s because of the diligence and leadership of these men and women. They save lives and prevent injuries. But safety managers can’t do it alone.

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Thor has his hammer, Wonder Woman has her Lasso of Truth, Batman has Alfred; a superhero can only be as great as his or her tools.
That’s where Levitt-Safety comes in: we have the products, training and support staff to enable you to be a real-life superhero.

How we help save lives

The first thing you’ll notice when browsing our website is our wide range of products and services. We’re one of the few companies whose entire focus is on safety. We specialize in life, fire and environmental safety products.
Cost will always be an issue for safety managers, and for good reason! It’s hard to justify spending a lot of money on a tool that’s only used once or twice a year, like respiratory fit testing equipment. That’s why we offer rentals.
We provide rental services for products like:

  • Portable single, multi and specialty gas monitors
  • Respiratory fit testing equipment
  • Indoor and environmental air quality monitors
  • Air sampling monitors
  • Sound level meters
  • Heat stress monitors
  • Health and wellness equipment

The program is also great for companies that want to “try before they buy” to make sure the equipment is exactly what they need.
Our specialists are available to visit you on-site to make sure that the equipment is working correctly. We can also provide support over the phone if you need to be walked through how a product works. This frees up your time so you aren’t flipping through manuals when you could be improving your workplace.

The training we offer

We offer online and instructor-led courses to improve your team’s skills and knowledge.  Companies with remote locations or shift work struggle to arrange time for training. Our online courses are a perfect solution. Participants can take our training anywhere and because our modules are self-paced, they can start, stop or pause at any time.

Our instructor-led health and safety training programs provide a more hands-on approach. Our highly-trained instructors can visit on or off site to provide programs lasting from a half-day to two full days.

We can develop customised workplace-specific training programs that integrate your organisation’s policies and procedures.

Passionate staff that takes safety seriously

When Levitt-Safety founder Victor Levitt was starting out in 1935, he sold safety goods from the back of a bicycle. Today we have some of the best and brightest staff across Canada who have a wealth of knowledge about health and safety.

We recognize that every injury (or near miss) that happens on the job carries a price tag. It costs time and money, hurts productivity and, most importantly, puts the well-being of your team in jeopardy. That’s why it’s important that you choose a passionate support staff that recognizes how critical safety is to your business.
You’ll find passion in our staff in every facet of the company.

Our Market Segment Managers are experts in their fields and can help you work through any problem. Our award-winning OHS consultants will make sure that your business is operating in compliance with all applicable safety legislations. And our friendly and knowledgeable Customer Service Representatives will provide you with timely results and cost-effective solutions to keep your business running smoothly.

Are you ready to become the ultimate workplace superhero?

We’re one of Canada’s only safety-focused companies in distribution which means that our staff are 100 per cent dedicated to safety.

If you’re ready to become the ultimate workplace superhero, visit us at our booth #919/920 at the Partners in Prevention Conference or get in touch with us today!

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