We know what you’re thinking…

“That’s a pretty bold statement.”

And you’re right; it is.

At Levitt-Safety, we like to be bold. We leave the non-bold thinking to the other guys.

So, could shopping through our online store change your life?

Okay, shopping through our online store won’t actively change your life.

You’re not going to wake up the next day as an instant millionaire.

But using our online store will certainly improve your life!

When you use our online store, concepts like business hours and on-hold music become things of the past.

Start thinking about what you’ll do with all this extra time.

Maybe you will spend more time with your family or learn a new language. Why not take up salsa dancing?

The options are endless.

The benefits of our online store:

  • Faster shopping experience.
  • Optional quick guest checkout.
  • Access to your purchase history, shipping information and exclusive pricing.
  • 14.99 flat rate shipping for most items.

And, of course, our friendly and helpful customer service team will still be available to answer any questions you might have about a product or its related service and training options we offer.

Are you ready to improve your life? Start exploring our online store.

Let’s take this life changing experience to the next level:

Fair warning, this really is some advanced stuff. But if you’re prepared, keep reading.

By now you’ve had a chance to browse our shop and you are (naturally) deeply in love with what we do.

But we also offer Levitt-Safety custom catalogues for companies that need a little bit more when it comes to online shopping.

What is a Levitt-Safety custom catalogue?

The Levitt-Safety custom catalogue is a curated list of products specific to your business.

It grants your company easy access to products you need so your staff only buys what is on your approved list.

Why you’ll love a custom catalogue:

  • Curated list of products specific to your business.
  • Access to products you want so employees only buy what is approved.
  • Saves time and protects your bottom line.
  • Workflow approval – your staff can buy direct from our store and their manager can approve it.
  • Easy access to your exclusive pricing.

The best part? It’s totally free.

For a limited time, we’re also offering personalized on-boarding with a Levitt-Safety account manager.

Want to learn more? Book a demo.

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