Oakville Firefit Team Levitt-Safety returned from the Scott Firefighter Combat Challenge: World Challenge XXV as WORLD CHAMPIONS!

img_20161029_150002While a few teams flirted with world records, two of the biggest ever fell on the second day of the event. Oakville’s own Ian Van Reenen became the newest holder of the title “Fastest Firefighter Ever”. He dethroned Justin Couperus, with a blazing 1:16.34. In addition, Carlsbad Fire finally took down the relay record they’ve been after all year. They ran a 1:04 flat to break Montgomery Blue’s record.

Day three saw even more records fall. Ian Van Reenen topped his record, setting down a 1:15.70. Oakville team Levitt-Safety broke the team record with a 4:07.15. Cyril Fraser both broke Roy Davis’s long standing Over 60 record with a 1:52.54, as well as teaming up with Stephen McAleer to break the over 60 tandem record.

Three more records fell on the final day of the event. Ian Van Reenen broke the open record for the third time, this time with a 1:15.29. Cyril Fraser broke his own over 60 record with an impressive 1:45.92, The first international record was set by team U.S.A. with a 4:09.24. And last but not least, our boys from Oakville broke their own record for the second time, notching a team time of 4:04.85.


  • 1st Place Individual overall (New record!)
  • 5th Place Individual
  • 2nd Place Over-40 Individual
  • 1st Place Team (New record!)
  • 1st Place Tandem
  • 4th Place Relay

Levitt-Safety is proud to support the members of Oakville Firefit Team Levitt-Safety. The dedication the team shows to Firefit events is also reflected in the hard, selfless work they provide as members of Oakville’s Fire Department. We can’t wait to see what 2017 holds for these record-breaking world champs!

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