Dust, mud, sludge, snow and ice.

Working in mining can be dirty, but it doesn’t mean your vehicles should be.

In fact, keeping your mining vehicles clean will help extend service life, inhibit rusting, reduce scheduled maintenance times and promote equipment longevity.

Cleaning vehicles can be time consuming:

Taking workers off the job or having full-time dedicated labourers to clean vehicles can be time consuming, expensive, and most importantly, hazardous to your workers.

So what’s the solution?

Our team at Levitt-Safety is a proud partner in Canadian mining.

We recognize the importance of getting the job done efficiently and safely, and this includes even the nitty gritty jobs like getting your vehicles clean.

There’s a new safe and efficient way to get the job done with our newest partner, Magnum Australia, a global leader in heavy equipment washing products.

washing a truck with magnum wash bags

Here are four ways Magnum can keep you environmentally friendly, productive and, most importantly, safe.

1. Conserves water

Magnum automated wash systems help reduce water usage by reclaiming water during wash cycles. 85% of the water can be reused.

Along with being environmentally-friendly, this is especially important for the mining industry which is subject to stringent water-consumption regulations and monitoring.

2. Customizes cleaning options

Every user can customize which wash cycle best suits their needs.

  • Want a complete autonomous wash?
  • Want to operate cannons remotely?
  • Need the entire vehicle done?
  • Looking to just have one section focused on?

No problem!

There’s no end to how the user can customize their set up.

3. Reduces wash time

Automated wash cycles will process equipment through their cycle faster, making them ready for maintenance or returned to production in less time.

This reduces downtime and increases production.

Full-vehicle washes can be completed in eight hours (on the largest equipment) and partial-area washes can be done in as little as four.

4. Improves efficiency

Magnum’s automated wash cycles reduce the manpower requirements usually needed for cleaning a vehicle.

This means three things:

  1. Better commercial impact by reducing labour costs.
  2. High-safety impact since workers are no longer exposed to debris or high-pressure cannons.
  3. Not having to take workers off the job to handle the mundane task of washing cuts down on costs.

Is it time to change your current wash system?

Reduce vehicle downtime so you can get back to the job at hand.

Working in tandem with Magnum, our specialists at Levitt-Safety can take you on the path to new wash bay solutions or upgrade your existing equipment.

Join us on the journey to bringing your fleet washing solutions into the future.

If you’d like a free estimate or want to learn more, fill out the form on this page and a member of our team will reach out.

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