• Michael DouglasBeams, Boilers and Beer: A LOBO Case Study

    The beer industry in Canada is booming – in fact, the number of operational brewing facilities across the country has risen by 17.6% from 695 in 2016 to an all-time high of 817 in 2017.* That’s a lot of beer production. From malting and mashing to boiling and fermentation, the process of crafting a brew is quite complex.

    While we at Levitt-Safety love the end product, we recognize that there’s a ton that goes on behind the scenes during production. This week we’re sharing the story of how we were able to help a major Canadian brewery solve their accessibility issues by introducing LOBO work platforms.


    Food and beverage processing plants are filled with massive production machines that can make tedious maintenance tasks difficult and risky – especially when workers have to access awkward areas while working at heights. Between the boilers and valves, the brewery was having issues assembling scaffolding that could reach the tough spots that needed servicing. How could we keep the company’s workers secure, comfortable and compliant while reaching these spots up height?


    We decided to retire the traditional scaffolding and introduce LOBO work platforms. This solution allowed maintenance workers to quickly erect the system around all of the awkward beams and hangers supporting the boilers. Not only would workers be able to easily access their work area, but they would have unrestricted access to the regulators in need of repair and cleaning without the need of fall protection equipment.


    LOBO is the all-in-one platform system that allows you to assemble a secure work space into virtually any configuration, shape or size in a matter of minutes. It’s unique, patented clamping design allows workers to independently build their work station — no need for extra tools, specialized training or hiring outside scaffolding help for each new project.


    The maintenance crew is now able to work safely and unhindered in the area without being encumbered by traditional fall protection equipment or having to work around beams and hangers. Since the system is on wheels, they can now efficiently move the system to adjacent boilers. This major brewery is very pleased to have a solution that is both versatile and cost effective.


    Want to read more about this success story? Be sure to download the case study. If you have questions about how LOBO can help your business in the food processing industry, get in touch with us today! We’re glad to come by to assess your worksite and recommend the best LOBO model for your needs.

    Curious about the working at heights requirements in your area? Refer to your provincial legislation to learn more about your local standards or send us a note.

    Cheers to a great safety solution!


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    Michael Douglas | National Manager, Marketing Segments
    Levitt-Safety Limited Oakville