The Lobo System is a simple to use work platform product that combines the versatility and strength of traditional scaffolding with the simplicity and mobility of aluminium tower systems. Lobo can be assembled by anyone, quickly and safely, without the need for tools, which allows labour costs to be controlled & reduced.

Its unique ability to increase productivity, while maintaining uncompromising safety standards, puts the Lobo System in a class of its own.

The system comprises of steel legs, of a variety of heights with adjustable top and fixed side bracing clamps. Tubes are then passed through the clamps, which are hand-tightened, to form a trestle. This trestle forms the basis of the system to which sway braces, wheels, handrails, outriggers, extensions and even a lifting beam can be added to enhance the construction.

The unique and patented hand tightened clamp, when combined with the legs and tube, allows the creation of a work platform system around, under, over or even through any large or fixed object, such as machinery, a production line or other high cost asset. Lobo allows safe, working at height access, to awkward to get to areas for maintenance or cleaning. Its modular design and versatility means it can be used in almost any industrial application.

So how do you use YOUR Lobo? Here are a few of our favourite applications:


Manufacturers traditionally use bespoke (custom-made) wooden or welded metal fixed frames systems for safely working at heights. Since they can’t be adjusted, they don’t meet the changing requirements of the industry. Additionally, when not in use, they take up tons of space – and they aren’t very easy to transport into the plant. The LOBO System, using its unique patented clamp, can be reconfigured and adjusted (without the need for tools!) into any shape or size required. Learn more here.

Food & Beverage

Food processing machines are often difficult to access for maintenance, repair, or cleaning. Traditional scaffolding or aluminium tower systems could be used, but since they can’t be assembled quickly OR easily, they can’t be deployed from one machine to another. The LOBO System can be reconfigured into whatever shape you need to maintain the performance of your food and beverage operating systems. Learn more here.

Jet Engine Maintenance

Aviation jet engine maintenance requires engineers to stand several different heights, positions and postures to provide maintenance and repair operations. Many steel and aluminium structures have fixed height and widths and cannot be made wider or narrower without major rework. The LOBO System eliminates the need to twist and turn in uncomfortable ways to perform MRO – or to make do with the rigid scaffolding system you have. Learn more now.

What unique applications have you used your Lobo for? We’d love to hear about it! And if you have an application that traditional scaffolding just can’t accommodate, get in touch with us today – the LOBO System might just be exactly what you didn’t know you were looking for!

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