• Levitt-Safety Now Carries CTI™ Linear Heat Detection

    CTI-Detector-Cutaway-400wLevitt-Safety | Fire Protection Systems division is pleased to announce the availability of an advanced product line of Linear Heat Detectors utilizing Confirmed Temperature Initiation (CTI™) sensing technology. Made by the Protectowire Company, this patented technology reaffirms the company’s tradition of developing advanced and innovative fire detection products.

    Utilizing the thermoelectric effect, the new detectors have been designed to generate a more accurate heat response and to eliminate false alarms caused by mechanical damage. Any short circuit caused by mechanical damage to the detector from such things as a falling pallet in a freezer warehouse rack, will not signal a false alarm, but be detected as a trouble or fault condition on the detection circuit. Patents have been issued in the United States and other foreign countries.

    Read more about CTI™ Linear Heat Detection here.

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