If you follow our blog (or LinkedIn, Facebook or Twitter accounts), you likely know that we’ve been talking about emergency showers and eyewashes a lot this year. The fact that 88 per cent of emergency showers and eyewash stations are not compliant troubles us deeply. Would yours be ready for an emergency?

Here at Levitt-Safety, we promote the importance of having each and every unit properly installed and routinely inspected by a trained specialist. That’s why we practice what we preach.

We recently sent our Technicians to the Haws training facility in Sparks, Nevada for their comprehensive InspectAll course to become Competent Inspectors of emergency shower and eyewash stations. This training has allowed us to become the only Haws-Certified Service Partner in Canada with technicians certified to the ANSI-Z385.1 Standard for this type of service.

Why does this matter to you? We can now provide training certificates and, more importantly, the assurance that your emergency equipment is ANSI compliant and functioning properly.

The Technicians were exposed to the requirements for weekly and annual inspections based on the ANSI Z358.1 Standard. This InspectAll course provided not just hands-on training of Haws’ brand products, but with multiple manufacturers’ systems as well as the use of a proprietary inspection software that will be used in conducting inspections and generating reports.

We now have access to Haws’ Competent Person Training Resource and can certify our other technicians quickly and easily, as needed. We can also schedule additional sessions at the Haws facility or have their trainers come to us to train additional technicians as required. This means that we can quickly respond to your inspection needs anywhere in Canada.

In total, eight of our Technicians from Port Coquitlam, B.C., Calgary, Edmonton and Fort McMurray, Alta., Saskatoon, Sask., and Oakville, Ont. made the journey to the Haws facility and brought back a wealth of knowledge to each of our teams from coast to coast. Congratulations to Duane Hayes, Adam Wilson, Joseph Swallow, Justin Stringer, Earl Bryson, Ian Loughridge, Mike Sarich and Mike Ellis for completing this training!
Haws CSP Emergency Shower and Eyewash Service Technicians

If you have any questions in regards to the ANSI Z358.1 Standard, your equipment or requirements needed to make your emergency shower and eyewash stations compliant, be sure to let us know. We’re happy to assess your emergency wash equipment, free of charge.

Looking for more information? Be sure to take a look at our easy-to-read guide Simplified Emergency Shower and Eyewash Compliance Guide to learn more about the ASNI Z358.1 standard.
emergency shower and eyewash guide

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