• Eric HuardIndustrial Heat Stress Starter

    Our Body temperatures are typically at 37 degrees and should be maintained below 38 degrees as recommended by the World Health Organization and only allowed to be around 38.5 when monitored closely.

    Thermoregulation Balance:

    37°C98.6°F - Normal
    38°C100.4°F - Long Exposure
    39°C102.2o F - Short Exposure
    41°C105.8°F - Life Threatening

    Wet Bulb Globe Temperature WBGTDietitians of Canada state that you can lose anywhere from 0.3L to 2.4L of sweat per hour depending on the weather and your activity level. Dehydration is a serious contributing factor to heat stress.

    WBGT Monitors will accurately measure temperatures that the body is experiencing by taken into account temperature, radiant heat, evaporative potential (relative humidity), and air movement.

    You may need to apply correction factors for clothing above single layer pants and long sleeve shirt and consider the employee’s work load.






    WBGT Clothing Correction Factors:

    Clothing TypeWBGT Correction
    Work clothes (long sleeve shirt and pants)
    Cloth (woven Material) Coveralls
    Double-layer woven clothing+3°
    SMS polypropylene coveralls+0.5°
    Polyolefin coveralls +1°
    Limited-use vapor-barrier coveralls+11°


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