• Honeywell Hybrid Energy-Absorbing Lanyards

    No More Guessing. No More Worries. One Hybrid Lanyard.

    Now, for the first time to market, Honeywell has designed one lanyard that can be used by workers across weight classes, while still being CSA compliant. Honeywell Hybrid Energy-Absorbing Lanyards make choosing the right equipment a little easier, while reducing error and increasing safety!

    • Eliminates the need to carry two types of lanyards in stock
    • One solution for CSA compliance in both E4 and E6 weight classes
    • One lanyard solution eliminates the risk of error and increases safety
    • Full product line featuring Miller® and North® fall protection

    Learn more by watching the below product video, or read more about it here.




    *Only available in Canada 

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