• Norbert NobregaHappy May the 4th!

    For the record, I HATE Star Wars. OK, ‘hate’ is a strong word, but I guess I just never got in to it.

    My friend and co-worker, Alan, is a big Star Wars fan and he wanted to do something special to mark the occasion so we headed down to the Deltera site at Bloor and Islington to have some fun with a Stormtrooper helmet he had.

    I thought I would share some of the images for all the Star Wars fans out there. And remember, even if you sometimes feel like you’re a part of the galactic empire, you deserve to be protected and safe. Alan made me write that.

    Thanks for our friends at Delterra for being so hospitable and fun; especially Jack and Luca!

    May the fourth 4th May the fourth 4th May the fourth 4th


    Levitt May-4

    Norbert Nobrega | EPCM Sales Specialist
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