Google “supply shortages in Canada” and you’ll find a list of items you hadn’t even considered from road paint to glass bottles.

There are ongoing global supply chain shortages due to raw material shortages and ongoing freight issues including shipping delays, high cost for cargo ships and issues at ports.

On the product side, there is a shortage of microchips and batteries to manufacture electronic products and lumber to build pallets for shipping.

What has caused these shortages?

Some of the causes include a global pandemic, a stuck ship in the Suez Canal and a massive snowstorm in Texas.

The long and short of it is every industry is facing supply shortages right now and, unfortunately, that affects you and it affects us.

What we’re doing to address the shortages:

We spoke with Sherry Chen, our senior buyer and Peter Gibhard, our purchasing manager to see how Levitt-Safety is managing these challenges.

“There is an enormous impact on finished goods throughout every industry as a result of continued global raw material supply disruptions and the rising costs of raw material, logistics, ocean freight labour and inclement weather,” Sherry said. “This is despite our best efforts to protect our customers from the shortages that are occurring in the global marketplace. Our supply chain is affected and delivery dates may change based on the timeline provided by our manufacturers.”

Peter went on to explain that due to the product shortages, manufacturers will also place limits on order quantities based on previous purchase history. “When possible we will secure larger than normal economic order quantities (EOQ) to anticipate our customers’ future demands,” Peter said.

The purchasing group has continued to meet weekly to discuss the status of current backorders and has also been actively sourcing comparable products from alternative suppliers where possible to ensure Levitt-Safety can continue to meet the needs of our valued customers until the supply chain improves.

Thank you for choosing Levitt-Safety:

The success of Levitt-Safety is because of our loyal customer base.

We will do what it takes to ensure you have the necessary products to complete your daily tasks safely. We ask that you look ahead and anticipate your future requirements and communicate those needs with us so we can strategically place orders to best serve you.

We’ll continue to provide updates about supply chain improvements as they happen.

Contact us to learn about the products we have in stock or coming in shortly.

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