Electronic gas monitors are a great tool for measuring gas hazards in your work environment – but they have definite limitations. The variety of substances that they can measure are limited. The hazard level that you’re exposed to can also change throughout the day, making it difficult to rely on instantaneous readings for your decision making. In addition, employees often work in multiple locations or perform various tasks during their day. So, how can you measure your personal exposure limits over an extended period of time?

Gastec can do that.

Gastec dosi-tubes measure time-weighted (TWA) averages of gas concentrations over longer periods so that you can get an accurate account of a hazard throughout the work day. Dosi-tubes differ from traditional gas detection tubes because their inner diameters are filled with a diffuser and chemical reagent that enable gas to disperse at a constant rate without the use of a pump. Whether you’re looking to measure for an hour or an entire eight-hour shift, dosi-tubes have you covered.

Passive dosi-tubes can be positioned in a worker’s breathing zone by attaching it to a tube holder so that individual exposures can be measured. If you’re looking to get a general reading for a room, you can also use the tubes in a stationary position to gather average measurements of concentration within a fixed environment.

Gastec dosi-tubes are compact, lightweight and versatile so you can use them anywhere. Each tube is pre-calibrated and offers easy, accurate results – no sampling pump needed. With tubes available for over 40 different gases and vapours found in mining, oil and gas, pulp and paper, petrochemical, power generation, health care and fire and emergency response.
Whether you’re working in a lab, office setting or production area, Gastec dosi-tubes offer a great solution to ensure your workers are protected. Looking for more information? Our Gastec and Industrial Hygiene PDF download shares all of the top hazards and detection tube solutions.

Be sure to get in touch with us to learn more about Gastec dosi-tubes and how you can develop a gas detection program that’s right for your workplace.

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