• Formaldemeter™

    The Formaldemeter’s™ htV and htV-m now offer improved features and performance!

    Able to accurately measure very low and/or high concentrations of formaldehyde in the environment (up to 90ppm), the recent incorporation of a new miniature solenoid valve makes it possible to regulate the supply of air into the instrument’s fuel cell sensor (additional feature).

    The new valve is designed specifically for continuous measurement at high concentrations of formaldehyde in the atmosphere: The valve ensures a sealed system, preventing formaldehyde from seeping into the sensor when sampling is not taking place. The valve has been designed to be inert formaldehyde vapour ensuring that it will not degrade and leak.

    Sampling from remote locations is made possible using the new valve, allowing a sample to be collected through a length of tubing connected to the front nozzle of the instrument. Air may be pumped through the length of tubing, bypassing the sensor, before a sample is actually taken; therefore there is no issue with “dead volume”. Consequently the formaldehyde concentration at the instrument’s sampling point is a true reflection of the environment being sampled at the end of the tube.

    800w-formaldemeter_htv11Accurate detection and monitoring for formaldehyde

    • Real-time monitoring of formaldehyde, temperature and humidity
    • Precise formaldehyde measurements in parts per million.
    • Can be used as a manual hand-held instrument or a continuous monitor capable of up to one month of data-logging.
    • Easy to operate with a simple calibration procedure.
    • Bespoke solutions available for your specific application.

    A wireless solution for any building

    The user can automate the sampling and log data at specific times via a wireless connection using specialist PPMonitor software. Schedules allow automated sampling and relays can be triggered for third party alarms, such as air-con systems.

    There are two options:

    • htv-m Wireless – A wireless module can be fixed at the rear of the instrument to transmit data to a PC in real-time.

    • Wireless IAQ Monitor – Ideal for continuous remote sampling as it is wall mounted and is monitored directly from a PC. It can be integrated with other IAQ Monitors.

    Sampling is not limited to only formaldehyde; other IAQ parameters can be measured.

    PPM interface Board (ifB)

    • The PPM Technology interface board (ifB) has been designed to connect the Formaldemeter™ to third-party control systems.

    • The interface board can be configured to give different voltage outputs; a 4–20mA current output and also gives a relay alarm output. Sampling can also be triggered externally.

    • This relay alarm output is triggered when levels exceed the settings specified by the user.

    • The different outputs offered make it easy to integrate the Formaldemeter™ into existing process systems.


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