Not all service providers are created equal. Take a look at our list of questions below – you might just decide it’s time to look for a new provider.

1. Do they show up when they promise?

There’s no doubt about it – your time is valuable. Every minute that a technician is late for a job is a minute you could have spent elsewhere. Your ideal service provider should provide you with consistent, reliable service that you can count on. After all, if you can’t trust them to show up on time, can you trust them to complete a job thoroughly and completely?

2. Do they get parts in a timely manner?

Listen. Downtime isn’t desirable, and “next week” isn’t always an acceptable answer. Some of the critical components of your safety program just can’t be out of commission for an indefinite amount of time. If your service provider can’t get their hands on the parts they need to maintain and repair your life-saving equipment as soon as possible, how invested are they really in the safety of your employees?

3. Do they return often to fix the same problem?

If you don’t have time to do it right, will you have time to do it over? You need a service provider that makes sure the job is completed in as few visits as possible. Coming back again and again might be an indication that your provider isn’t quite as savvy with your assets as you may have thought…or been lead to believe.

4. Are they tidy?

Are the technicians that visit your site cleaning up after themselves? Not only is leaving behind debris and waste from a job inconsiderate, it’s also a safety hazard. One of the easiest things to do to ensure safety in the workplace is practicing good housekeeping. Any spilled fluid could cause someone to slip and fall – or worse, depending on its chemistry, could be a serious burn hazard. Remember – it only takes one tool left behind to create a tripping hazard!

5. Do they understand the needs of your business?

Inspection, maintenance and repair are an essential component to any company’s health and safety program. Does your service provider understand the impact that downtime has on your production schedule? Are they aware that you may operate outside of regular business hours – and are they willing to accommodate that?  Do they make suggestions when they see room for improvement in your safety program?

Ask yourself these give questions and answer them truthfully. If you’re not getting what you need from your current service provider, it might be time to start considering a switch.

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