Have you ever been to an event that is deemed the world’s largest? Well, it can be overwhelming, lead to information overload and sore feet. In September I attended the NSC Congress & Expo in San Diego.

NSC 2019

NSC is the world’s largest health, safety, and environmental event. It brings together 15,000 visitors and over 1,100 exhibitors. Visitors come from over 60 countries to learn what’s NEW in the world of safety, network and attend educational seminars.

You might be thinking “Uh, Leslie, why are you posting this now? It’s almost November.” Like I said, it’s a HUGE show!

On entering the multi-hall venue for the first time, I was taken back by the wide expanse of the tradeshow floor.

I needed the full 3 days to see everything.

My colleagues and I were well-prepped with key meetings booked and a list of vendors to see.

Great keynote to kick-off NSC

Monday kicked off with an inspiring keynote by Mick Ebeling, Founder & CEO of Not Impossible Labs and author of Not Impossible: The Art and Joy of Doing What Couldn’t be Done.

His message was as we get smarter with technology, we need to get smarter with safety initiatives. He defined safety as the right way to do things. His philosophy when you see something that is absurd, commit and then figure it out. Check out Mick on YouTube, this guy is definitely changing the world!

Innovative new products

From innovative earplugs and gloves to vented coveralls, there was so much to take in and see at NSC. Vendors were eager to show you the latest and greatest in the safety arena. Here are some of the highlights.

EMS gloves from Ansell:

Ansell has disposable gloves for paramedics and police that protect from fentanyl and gastric acid exposure. They feature a dual-layer, dual colour design for two layers of protection.

The dual colour helps identify if there’s a cut or tear in the glove.

You can write important information directly like vitals on the glove’s surface.


Coveralls from Big Bill

This year, Big Bill introduced the FR Flashtrap® Ventilated Comfort Coveralls. Specially designed vented traps with FR mesh that lets cool air in, and pushes hot air out. The vents automatically close during an arc flash or flash fire.

big bill FR Flashtrap® Ventilated Comfort Coveralls

Coming Soon

Be on the lookout for a few of these products to be on the market soon.

Push-in earplugs from 3M

These are the first earplugs with a one-hand insertion noise reduction rating (NRR) claim of 25 dB. With two-hands, the NNR raises to 30 db. Keep a watch for their announcement in 2020.

3m push in earplugs

Portable area light from Air Systems

The Air-Light®EX isn’t your average portable area light. This work-of-art is:

  • explosion proof
  • battery powered, and
  • suitable for all weather conditions

The light folds into its own rolling case and its mast extends from 22” to 70” above ground. Great for Oil & gas, mining and marine markets for use in inspections and night lighting.

Key Takeaways

1. Have a plan before you attend NSC.
2. Take lots of pictures, and note the new products you’re interested in, on the spot.
3. Line up the booths you want to visit in numerical order so you are not adding extra kilometers walking to your day.
4. Speaking of walking, bring comfortable walking shoes!

Comfortable walking shoes

If you’re attending the world’s largest health and safety show, a comfortable pair of shoes will be your best friend.

Adidas Ultraboost will be my go-to tradeshow shoes moving forward. These shoes were made for walking tradeshows.

adidas ultraboost


If any of the new safety products piqued your interest, reach out to us for more information. We are always on the lookout for new innovations to help our customers be safe and up-to-date.

Looking forward to next year’s show in Indianapolis.

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