• Alton NewmanWhat's Your Fire Safety IQ?

    Each year over 5,000 workplace injuries are caused by fire-related incidents – most of which are completely preventable. Fire safety matters to every employee at every level of an organization.

    Do you think you know all about fire safety? Test your knowledge with our Workplace Fire IQ test!

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    Didn’t do as well as you hoped? Brush up on your knowledge with our Beginner’s Guide for Fire Extinguishers and Fire Plan Checklist two excellent resources to help prepare any workplace for a fire emergency.

    If you have questions about keeping your workplace safe, contact us to learn more about the selecting the right extinguishers for your unique environment, training and fire systems maintenance.

    Want to learn more? View all of our fire safety resources.


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    Alton Newman | Market Segment Manager. Fire and Emergency Services