As concerns surrounding COVID-19 increase both in Canada and around the globe, it is clear that PPE is increasingly hard to source and more expensive.

To help bring PPE to our community of Canadian hospitals and healthcare organizations, Levitt-Safety is building large national orders for PPE, as mentioned in our press release.

This option is open to our current customer base and to any Canadian healthcare organization that is in need of PPE like masks, gowns, gloves, eye protection or other necessary products like hand sanitizer.

By placing larger orders we can use our joint buying power to reduce shipping costs and take advantage of bulk order discounts.

To do this, we must act fast.

We have created an Emergency Supply Sourcing page on our website which shows the items we are sourcing and the lead times. If there are products you do not see on this list but require, we will work with you to source the product. If our combined buying power allows us to source at better prices, we will flow that savings directly back to those placing orders

To place an order call 1-888-453-8488 or submit a web inquiry through the form on that page.

We are placing these large national orders on a weekly basis. To ensure your request in included on the next shipment, submit your order as soon as possible.

Please note: Due to the circumstances most suppliers are requiring us to pay upfront to secure these items. As such, we will require payment upfront. We are accepting credit card payment for orders under $5000 and wire transfers for orders over $5000.

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Julie McFater

Director of Marketing

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