Here at Levitt-Safety, we’ve been working hard behind the scenes to improve our e-commerce website. If you buy online with us, you’ve likely noticed some changes over the past few months. If you don’t, now is a great time to get started! By shopping through our online store, you can:

  • Have accounts with multiple ship-to addresses
  • Benefit from Punchout capabilities (this is not at all violent, but rather a really great e-commerce procurement solution)
  • Enjoy a search functionality that is intuitive, intelligent and fast
  • Quickly get what you need with our fast, simple and secure checkout

Laptop with analysis sale screen on table with blur warehouse cargo in factory. Smart factory concept.
Here are the top three improvements we’ve made and what’s still yet to come on our online store:

1. Product Content

We want you to find the products you’re looking for easily! We’ve been working diligently on updating our product descriptions, images and attributes so that you can quickly find the products you need from our top brands including:

In the coming months, the way we categorize products will continue to improve. We will be classifying and grouping products into even easier-to-navigate categories to simplify your online shopping experience.
Fewer clicks means less time shopping so you can get back to your other priorities.

2. Custom Catalogues

Looking for a way to set up a custom catalogue for your workplace? Look no further. At Levitt-Safety we can create a unique catalogue with only the procurement-approved products that your workers require. This streamlined option provides your team with a platform where they can view and place orders. Once orders are requested, we can also set up an approval process so that a manager or procurement department can sign off on the purchase before it’s placed. We can then fulfill the order through your choice of payment.

3. Improving your online shopping experience

We’re always looking for ways to improve and optimize the shopping experience on’s e-commerce platform.
Stay tuned for:

  • A new look and feel coming to Levitt-Safety’s e-commerce website
  • Mobile responsiveness
  • New and improved homepage design
  • Streamlined new account creations and sign in

These are just a few of the ways that we’re working towards making shopping with Levitt-Safety online easier. Stay tuned as we continue to make improvements and please share your recommendations and preferences with us!
Ready to get started? Create an account today! Want to learn more? Contact our e-commerce team.

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