• Bruce LevittDo Your Safety Glasses Meet CSA/ANSI Requirements?

    PPE026bHow do I know if my Prescription Glasses meet CSA/ANSI requirements?

    Look for are the following distinctions:

    • The frame must be marked with a Z87.1 (ANSI) or Z94.3 (CSA) mark on the inside of the frame arm.
    • Each prescription lens shall be distinctly marked in a permanent and legible manner with the manufacturer’s monogram, placed so that interference with the wearer’s vision is minimal (usually in the top outside corners of each lens). For Levitt-Safety eyewear we use a “P”. Others may use an “S” for Safety or the first letter of the company name.
    • In the case of CSA, side shields must be permanently affixed to the frame.
    • The above requirements are the visible ones that indicate that other tests have been conducted (impact, ignition and flame resistance, frame & side shield coverage, lens type and thicknesses) per the CSA or ANSI standard and that the manufacturer understands those requirements.

    If you are at risk for eye or face injury at work, you should wear appropriate protection. Contact us today for more information. 

    Bruce Levitt | President
    Levitt-Safety Limited Oakville

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