Disability1Legal requirement under the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act; Levitt-Safety responds with new mandatory e-course available to all employees later this month

    Levitt-Safety would like to remind customers and vendors that disability training is now a legal requirement under the Customer Service Standard of the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act (AODA)

    This is a curriculum that all companies should strive to adopt. Disability in the workplace is a real thing; statistically one in seven Canadians are disabled. It is important that employers and employees recognize the existence of people with disabilities in the workplace and what it means to their, as well as everyone else’s, safety.

    Employees at Levitt-Safety will be required to take an AODA e-course as of June 2015 – but why do we encourage our vendors and customers to complete this training as well?

    • It is an important and legal safety requirement
    • Helps employers and employees become aware of what people with disabilities are physically and/or mentally capable of
    • Helps employers and employees remember why it is important to be aware of people with disabilities at work for everyone’s safety
    • Promotes general awareness of disabled workers to employers and employees

    Levitt-Safety’s training e-course will take employees through five learning modules, teaching with visuals and audio playback. There is a mini quiz in the form of true and false questions at the end of each learning module, as well as a cumulative quiz. The Certificate of Completion will only be granted when an employee has completed the learning modules and has achieved 75% + on the final quiz.

    This is important training because, despite current legislation, unfortunately disabled people continue to not have access to all of the services everyone else does. They continue to feel isolated. It would benefit all parties to complete some form of training on the AODA.

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