As beautiful and serene as this scene appears, certain cold weather factors like dropping temperatures and wind chills can make this picture seem, well, downright chilling.

Did you know that when the wind chill makes the temperature feel like -28°C or colder, that exposed skin can freeze in under 30 minutes?

As the winter approaches and the weather starts to get much MUCH colder, it’s important to remember that not everyone has a job where they can be inside and out of the frigid air. There are many people whose jobs require them to be outside – regardless of how low the thermometer drops. It’s critical that these workers are educated appropriately on how to handle these cold temperatures so they can best protect themselves.

Cold Stress can be defined as a very serious condition that occurs when the body can no longer maintain a normal temperature. The results can range from serious cold-related illnesses and injuries to permanent tissue damage or death. This makes cold stress a growing concern for those who are exposed to extreme cold or work in cold environments. Just like the heat, the cold can also pose some sever and dangerous situation.

To help those that do need to work outside gain a better understanding of how the body reacts to cold conditions and how to protect themselves, Levitt-Safety is pleased to offer a 30 minute ‘Cold Stress’ online course.
This course will examine the following factors related to Cold Stress:

  1. How the body reacts to cold conditions
  2. How to recognize the most common types of cold stress
  3. How to prevent cold stress
  4. How to treat workers with cold stress injuries (until medical personnel arrive)

At the conclusion of this course we hope that all employers will be better equipped to help protect their workers from cold stress and that all employees will know how to better prepare and take precautions during the cold winter weather.
Remember, as this winter approaches, be aware, be prepared and be protected!

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