• Michael DouglasThe CleanSpace2 vs. Traditional PAPRs

    You’ll be able to work effortlessly and comfortably over long periods of time in any work environment with the CleanSpace2.

    And if you or your workers are hardfacing, welding stainless steel, or doing projects that require high arc-on time, a significantly number of carcinogenic fumes are generated, which can very easily lead to overexposure. You need to take action to reduce the risk of exposure

    Unlike traditional PAPRs, the CleanSpace2 is a powered respirator that doesn’t require any hoses, belts or cables, and is virtually maintenance free. You read how much welders liked using it in our last blog – now see how the CleanSpace2 measures up to a traditional PAPR in a side-by-side comparison.

    Check it out and download the PDF now – and don’t forget you can sign up for a FREE demo!


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    Michael Douglas | Market Segment Manager: Confined Space, Working at Heights & Respiratory Protection
    Levitt-Safety Limited Oakville