Are you ready for October 1st? That’s when the new OHS working at heights training regulations come into effect in Ontario.
If you manage your company’s health and safety program, it is your duty to ensure that all workers who use fall protection have successfully completed the new awareness training.

Here are the top 4 things you must do to make sure you are in compliance with the new regulations:

  1. Verify that your training provider is approved.
    Unlike past training, any training provided must be approved by the Ontario Chief Prevention Officer.
  2. Verify that the actual training program is approved.
    Chances are that if the training provider is approved, the program is too.  But don’t assume! Make sure you ask to be on the safe side!
  3. Check to make sure each workers training is up to date.
    After initial training, workers must renew their training every 3 years by taking a CPO-approved “refresher” course.
  4. Keep good training records
    If Ministry of Labour inspectors ask, you must present a copy of each worker’s CPO wallet card.

Not sure if this applies to you?

Workers need working at heights training only if both of these conditions are met:

1) Workplace is a Construction Project and
2) Workers are required to use fall protection.

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