Rugged heavy equipment comes with substantial fire safety challenges often requiring an investment in life and property protection. The ANSUL CHECKFIRE 110 Electronic Detection and Actuation System offers cost-effective, single-zone detection and actuation for vehicles used in the extreme environmental and physical conditions of industries like forestry, waste/recycling, aviation and transit. The system is used with an ANSUL A-101 or LVS Vehicle Fire Suppression System for 24-hour protection of equipment. The CHECKFIRE 110 system provides electrical and/or optional pneumatic input to actuate an ANSUL fire suppression system. When fire is detected, the control module sends an electrical signal to release the gas from an expellant gas cartridge to pressurize and discharge the fire suppression system. The system features supervised circuits with color-coded, plug-and-play connectors for detection, release and external 12/24 VDC primary power source. Operating components include the compact control module, spot or linear thermal detection, electric manual actuators and a protracting actuation device.

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