Michael Douglas

National Manager, Marketing Segments

Protecting yourself from fentanyl exposure

June 25th, 2019

Nearly 14,000 people in Canada have died from opioid overdoses in the last four years and more than 17,000 have been hospitalized in...

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Nataly Carbone

Marketing Programs and Events Manager

3 Reasons Why You Should Clean and Maintain Your SCBA

April 22nd, 2019

Cleaning and maintaining your life-saving equipment is never superficial. Whether your SCBA hangs on the wall ready to be used in an emergency...

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Jonathan McCallum

Market Segment Manager: Occupational Health, Industrial Hygiene & Environmental Monitoring

Spills happen: 3 powerful tools for handling gasoline mishaps

October 11th, 2018

­­­­ Fire Prevention Week is here. You’ve likely heard about the importance of preparedness; make sure your alarms are working, always have an extinguisher on...

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Michael Douglas

National Manager, Marketing Segments

What’s Your Escape Plan? Here’s 4 easy tips for your fire exit strategy

October 5th, 2018

Thinking that a serious fire emergency won’t ever happen to you? Take a look at these alarming stats: Each year there are over 205...

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