First, I’ll start by saying that using the right respirator cartridge is just as important as using the right respirator. Respirator filters are made of materials designed to trap particulate as you breathe. Cartridges contain materials that absorb gases and vapours which is why it’s critical that you choose the right filter or cartridge for the chemicals or substances present in your wearing respirator construction

Once you’ve been fit tested to ensure the proper fit and seal of your respirator, you’ll need to determine what cartridge is the most appropriate and effective for the work you’ll be performing.
Your employer should have a written respirator program in place that advises you on the procedures to follow for selecting and operating respiratory protective equipment. Without the right program, most people will not receive the best protection from their respirator, even if it’s the correct choice for the job.
A qualified person needs to establish a change-out schedule for the replacement of respirator filters and cartridges before their useful service life has ended – the warning properties of the contaminant should not be relied on for change-out. If you detect odour or experience any irritation symptoms of the contaminant before the end of the change-out schedule, let your respiratory program administrator know so they can re-evaluate the use of the respirator and its cartridges or filters.

What do the colours on respirator cartridges mean?

cartridge and filter colors
For more assistance in choosing an appropriate respirator cartridge, please download the guides from our vendor partners below:

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