Can you sense my excitement?  Another summer has come and gone and while most kids are trying to hold on to what is left of summer, parents everywhere are rejoicing!

Yes, the new school year is here and while most of our focus is on the kids heading back into the classrooms, there are certain ‘back to school’ aspects that should not be ignored.

School Safety isn’t JUST for kids

School Safety is important for all those who work within a school setting.  Not just teachers, but all other personnel that enters schools on a regular basis.

According to 2016 By the Numbers, WSIB Statistical Report, Schedule 2, secondary and elementary school teachers account for 11% of allowed lost-time claims by occupation, ranking higher than police officers and firefighters.  The leading nature of injuries reported were sprains and strains as a result of same level falls on various structures.

Those who work within schools are faced with a multitude of responsibilities that extend beyond caring for our children.  This is why it’s important to recognize and understand the 3 key features listed below in order to stay safe while on the job:

  1. The importance of safety and your role
  2. Common types of accidents
  3. Procedures and techniques to prevent accidents

Levitt-Safety’s online School Safety course will explore and expand on the features listed above to assist teachers and support staff personnel with the School Safety Tips that are necessary in order to continue to lead by example and to maintain and encourage a safe working environment.

Participants will receive a certificate upon successful completion of the short quiz at the end of this course…and don’t worry; just think of this quiz as practice for the upcoming school year!

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