You know after reading one of our last blogs that welding fumes and the UV radiation from welding were recently reclassified as a Group 1 carcinogen. It’s more important than ever to make sure your welders have the maximum respiratory protection available to them to minimize their risks of lung diseases and cancer.

If you or your workers are hardfacing, welding stainless steel, or doing projects that require high arc-on time, a significantly larger number of fumes are generated, which can very easily lead to overexposure. You need to take action to reduce the risk of exposure.

Read now why welders prefer the CleanSpace2 to the respirators they were previously wearing – the real-life feedback below is from a Safety Manager at a manufacturing business:

  1. The welders who trialled liked the low profile mask – it could easily fit under their welding visors. Once settled into the ergonomic light design, they found CleanSpace2 comfortable and less bulky than the traditional masks.
  2. The freedom and mobility was great. The absence of belts and hoses allowed the welders to move around easily, and not catch on equipment. CleanSpace2 was easy to carry, easy to clean and had few parts so was readily available for when welders needed it.
  3. After wearing CleanSpace2 for the day, wearers said “In CleanSpace2 it was easier to breathe and they had less fatigue compared to disposable masks. There was no build-up of heat or moisture.”
  4. Users observed “In CleanSpace2 they were less inclined to pull the respirator down (a common problem with half mask respirators) because it was comfortable, easier to breathe and talk through”.
  5. Communication through the CleanSpace2 silicone mask was much better than the traditional masks. CleanSpace2 masks transmitted voices better and the clear mask meant people could see their lips moving and facial expressions for quick recognition and understanding.

See the results for yourself.

Request a trial demo of the CleanSpace PAPR now!

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