We’re excited to share that we’ve been chosen by the readers of Canadian Occupational Safety Magazine as the winner of the following categories:

  • OHS Consultants
  • Emergency Showers & Eyewash
  • Safety Equipment Supplier / Distributor

The COS Readers’ Choice Awards celebrate the best suppliers in the health and safety industry. It’s a great honour to be nominated by the 1,200 readers across Canada who casted an unprecedented 32,000 votes! We’re thrilled with the recognition of these awards and love whenever we have the opportunity to bring attention to the importance of safety and preparedness in the workplace.

Not familiar with these offerings? Keep reading to learn more.


OHS Consultants

We recognize that every injury that occurs on the job costs time, money, productivity and, most importantly, the wellbeing of your workers. From general risk assessment to creating a customized safety program audit unique you your business, our team of expert consultants are happy to come visit you on-site to ensure your business is operating in compliance with all applicable safety legislation. Find out more here.

Safety Equipment Supplier/Distributor

If you’re dealing with multiple vendors for your safety products, perhaps it’s time you considered a single-source solution. At Levitt-Safety we’re able to offer competitive pricing and timely customer service, all while consolidating your safety spend. Be sure to take a look at our questionnaire to see if it’s time you should consider making us your preferred safety partner.

Emergency Showers & Eyewash

Even with the best controls in place, chemical exposures can happen. And, when they do, the first 10 to 15 seconds after exposure are critical. It’s for this reason that showers and eyewash stations are such an important product category to Levitt-Safety. These products provide on-the-spot decontamination which allows workers to flush away any of the hazardous substances that they encountered in the matter of seconds.
It’s estimated by Haws that only 12 per cent of emergency showers are compliant to ANSI standards. Are you unsure whether yours are compliant? Reach out to use today to book your own ANSI audit where we visit your worksite and evaluate whether your shower procedures are up to code. Want to learn more about our products and services? Be sure to check out our Emergency Shower/Eyewash page.

Again, a big thank you to COS Magazine and to everyone who voted.

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